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Welcome to The Photographers Code

The purpose of this site is to help you grow as a photographer. Growth happens through education, practice, and review – rinse and repeat. That’s what you can do here. By offering hands on photography education through workshops, discussions on photography techniques, and the ability to have your work reviewed, this site will support you as you grow as a photographer.

Photography Education Through Workshops

The quickest way to learn is to work side by side with someone who has the knowledge you want to gain. Our photography workshops are are kept small so that you can have maximum time with the instructor. Currently, we offer workshops on lighting and Lightroom. We also offer private lessons that are customized to your own learning needs. Check out our current courses here

Photography Techniques

This is the discussion area. Post about photography techniques and ideas are here. Have a question, this is the place to ask. Have an idea you want to share, this is the place to do that. This is where you talk about the “rules” of photography, but more importantly, when the rules aren’t really the “rules”, when it’s OK to just plain outright break the rules. this area is about ideas. Check out the discussion area here.

Image Review

Have a question about one of your images? Not sure why something did not work? This is a safe place to find out how you are doing. Image reviews can be private or they can be posted on to the site.


Ultimately then, this site is about photography education and creative exploration using the camera as the instrument of exploration. I hope that this site will be a place where we can share that journey.


The Photographers Code - Photography Workshops and techniques